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Attractions of Almaty region

Khan-Tengri peak (H-6995)
Clearly expressed pyramidal vertex, significantly higher than the surrounding, is situated in Tengri-Tag ridge, between Chapaev peak in the south-west and ...
Mramornaya stena peak (H-6261)
Peak is located in Meridional ridge to the north of 100 let VGO peak. It is the most northern six-thousender top of the Tien Shan. Mistakenly considered that ..
Maloalmatinskoe Gorge
The Maloalmatinskoe gorge begins at Dostyk Avenue and extends to the ski resort "Shymbulak" within the boundaries of the city of Almaty and the Medeo natural...
Big Almaty gorge
Virtually anywhere in the city, except for the western regions at the end of streets, oriented to the south, to the mountains, you can see the top, which sha...
Middle Talgar River Gorge
Middle Talgar gorge is much inferior to Left Talgar gorge on a scale and to Right Talgar gorge on a length: about 17 km. The main advantage of Middle Talgar...
Issyk River Gorge
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Turgen River Gorge
Turgen gorge with a river of the same name – the most extended and vast gorge of Ile Alatau. The origins of the gorge are located on the northern slopes of ...
Talgar Glavnyi (Main) peak (Н-4978,9)
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Talgar Northen peak (Н-4964)
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Talgar Southen peak (Н-4960)
Currently, the article "Talgar Southen peak" transmitted for translation into English.